Wharfedale Diamond 220


Like the world’s most beautiful diamonds, the Wharfedale Diamond 220 bookshelf loudspeakers offer a rare combination of balanced dispersion, brilliant proportionality, and sublime transparency.

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Wharfedale Diamond 220 Bookshelf Speakers

Like the world’s most beautiful diamonds, the Wharfedale Diamond 220 bookshelf loudspeaker offers a rare combination of balanced dispersion, brilliant proportionality, and sublime transparency. A two-way speaker that sounds much bigger than its compact size, the award-winning Diamond 220 exhibits crackerjack musicality, pinpoint accuracy, and refined tonality. You’ll hear sheer instrumental naturalism, lifelike vocal reproduction, and tautly focused soundstages. A 5.1-inch bass driver ensures rich, controlled bottom-end performance while the soft-dome treble spoils you with smooth, supple highs. Elevated sensations of airiness, spaciousness, and openness make every type of music come alive with covetable vibrancy, intimacy, and energy on par with speakers far above it’s price class. Built to exacting standards and available in four luxurious finishes, it puts an end to treating music as background entertainment.

Never again will you long for close connections to your favorite artists or be tempted to leave the room while a song is playing. The emotional involvement rendered by Diamond 220s is that significant. Upgraded construction materials, fine-tuned crossovers, Wharfedale’s signature woven-Kevlar drivers, updated bass and treble units, and a slot-loaded port turn this speaker into an overachieving dynamo. Compatible with mid- and higher-powered amplifiers, this speaker obliterates precepts associated with budget products and stakes its claim as one of the best values in audio.

Diamond 220 Review:

“Wonderfully balanced and informative sound” ★ – Diamond 220 Review, What Hi-Fi? Sound And VIsion

Best Stereo Speaker Up To £200 Diamond 220, What Hi-Fi Awards 2014

“By any standards, the Diamond 220s are musically-worthwhile speakers – and by budget standards, they’re crackers.” Diamond 220, Hi-Fi World – Awarded 5 Globes

DIAMOND 200 Series

Quite simply put, the Wharfedale Diamond is one of our most successful speaker series, if not one of the most successful hi-fi speaker series ever. We can justify this as year on year, the Diamond Series has broke the mould for combining award winning sound quality unforeseen at this price.

From 1982 Wharfedale Diamond has meant one thing – impeccable performance at an affordable price. Today we are pleased to bring you the latest series of loudspeakers from Wharfedale that aspires to this tradition – Diamond 200 Series.

Foremost in the design criteria for Diamond 200 is the ongoing research into loudspeaker driver sound quality. The speaker series uses our famous woven Kevlar cone form, drawing influence from the flagship Jade Series.

While honing the internal crossover and using stronger magnets on the rear of the Diamond 220 for example, aesthetics and construction have been improved too. The Diamond 200 Series benefits from an all new lacquered front baffle and cosmetically enhanced veneers.

Only when the acousting tests are deemed truly satisfying are the loudspeakers designs signed-off for production, ensuring that each speaker model fulfils its eventual owner’s dreams of musically enjoyable reproduction from Britain’s Most Famous Loudspeakers.


The Diamond 200 boasts the latest in hi-fi technology to produce a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. Semi-elliptical ‘break-up’ areas on the woven-kevlar woofer smooth the response through the audible range and the cone edges are treated with a unique diamond pattern moulding.

The treble unit uses a sheer fabric dome and advanced ferrite magnet system, surrounded by a carefully crafted wave guide that encourages outstanding midrange performance too.

Cabinet walls and internal bracing developed use Wharfedale’s latest ‘Virtual Speaer’ software, with the help of Delayed Cumulative Spectral Analysis that ruthlessly reveal panel colouration in all its forms. Using this technique engineers updated the cabinet, combining layers of particle board and MDF, bonded in a unique structure to damp annoying High-Q resonances and block internal sound leakage. The effect is that the ‘noise’ from cabinet walls is buried more than 35dB below the driver output. The same computer modeling is also used to fine tune the crossover to guarantee an enjoyable experience, both on and off-axis.

Exiting the base of the speaker cabinet is a slot loaded distributed port created by the plinth. This equalises the air pressure to mimic that inside the cabinet allowing a smooth transition between the pressure variation in the cabinet and the low frequency sound developed in the room.

Aside from computer assisted modelling, and true to Gilbert Briggs’ ethos behind his original Wharfedale loudspeaker designs, hours of listening tests by our engineers are carried out to fine tune each speaker in the series.


Additional information

Weight11.7 lbs
Dimensions9.8 x 6.9 x 12.4 in

Black Ash, Pearl Walnut, Rosewood, White Sandex


General description2-way bookshelf speaker
Enclosure typebass reflex
Transducer complement2-way
Bass driver130mm Woven Kevlar Cone
Treble driver25mm Soft Dome
AV shieldNo
Sensitivity(2.83V @ 1m)86dB
Recommended amplifier
Peak SPL95dB
Nominal impedance8Ω Compatible
Minimum impedance4.1Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB)56Hz – 20kHz
Bass extension (-6dB45Hz
Crossover frequency2.2kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres)7L
Height (on plinth &
Depth (with terminals)(227+28)mm
Carton size495x320x410mm
Net weight5.3kg/pcs
Gross weight12.6kg/ctn

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